Price list:

•Complete Bolt Action Rifle (inc Stock, Action, Barrel, Bolt, Bottom Metal) from £170.00
•Rifle Barrel and Action only from £80.00
•Rifle Barrel, Action and Bolt from £100.00
•Rifle Stock from £65.00
•Complete Shotgun SA/PA (includes Stock/Forearm, Action and Barrel from £195.00
•Shotgun Barrel (Side by Side, Over & Under) from £70.00
•Shotgun Stock (includes Stock, Forearm) from £75.00
•Knives from £25.00
•Optics from £90.00
•Mounts only from £25.00
•Moderator from £25.00


*All other parts and weapons quote available on request. Custom Colours and Camo Patterns available on request.

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